Pro Bono Services Intake Form

NEFI are Use of Force & Police Procedure Expets. We have no attorneys on staff.


The NEFI Only Accepts Pro Bono Intake Forms from Attorneys Representing a Client (Plaintiff or Defendant)

Completion of this Form Does Not Mean that NEFI will be able to Assist you or your client

The information obtained on this form will be used to help determine if we can assist you with your legal needs. The information you provide is confidential but it must be completed and truthful. If your client is accepted and if it is later determined that the information you have provided on this form is incomplete or untrue, the NEFI may terminate/withdraw its pro bono expert services.

Is the firm/attorney performing all of its legal services pro bono?

Note: It is not NEFI’s policy to provide pro bono expert services on cases where the firm/attorney is not also providing services pro bono. Exceptions could apply where partial pro bono services are being provided, thus the explanation required above.
Is the firm providing legal services to an officer in connection with a PBA or FOP defense contractual agreement?
If yes, provide PBA or FOP, State and Local No.

Is this request for:

The NEFI is authorized to discuss and provide Attorney Work Product to the following
Briefly describe the nature and extent of the expert pro bono services being requested from the NIFI
What is the timeframe which expert report(s) and/or testimony will be required?

If yes, list all currently receiving and amount

If yes, who receives it and the amount

If yes, provide current balances for each account

If yes, list each and their value(s)

If yes, what is the value and what do they owe?
If yes, what is the monthly payment?

If yes, what is the make, model and year?
(required to determine if there are any conflicts)
We will review your request for assistance but due to the large volume of requests we receive, our staff will NOT be able to respond personally to every written request received. If you do not receive a response within two (2) weeks of your submission, you should assume that we are unable to provide the assistance you are seeking.

By submitting, I certify and affirm that I have read the above or had it read to me; I fully understand the information contained herein, and it is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I request that this information be considered in determining my client’s eligibility to receive free expert services from the NEFI. I fully understand that the NEFI will only become retained by me once a pro bono contract has been mutually executed.